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Since 1998, Athlete Network has provided superior career transitional resources to colleges and universities. Join more than 500 partner schools who possess a driven culture toward career development of student-athletes.

Your Athlete Network School Membership is FREE, and our team is on-hand 24/7 to complement your program goals. With over a million jobs nationwide across all majors, our nearly 200,000 current and alumni athletes have chosen our platform as the place to KEEP COMPETING.
12 to 15 Athlete Network member schools are selected each academic semester to host this athlete exclusive event on-campus. Much different than a traditional career fair, the event consists of three interactive segments; a national employer panel, professional round-table talks, and booth-style career networking.

This program is FREE for hosting institutions, and we manage the entire program on your behalf from start to finish. 25-30 employers and graduate programs attend and focus on nationwide recruiting. It's your program, we're just saving you time and stress recruiting employers, completing logistics, and conducting the event that night.

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We are looking for student leaders to help us spread the word and increase awareness about Athlete Network on your campus, in your local area, and online. Gain experience in networking, sports, marketing, social media, PR, communications, business, college athletics, sales and more!